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The TAH store at WeLoveFine sneak previewed!

The TAH store at WeLoveFine sneak previewed!

We’re so (ahem) thrilled to partner with to FINALLY bring you t-shirts, art prints, and more, based on all of your favorite Thrilling Adventure Hour characters, stories, sponsors, and properties. Below you’ll find samples of our roll-out items as well as a brief announcement from WeLoveFine. The TAH store opens the day before Thanksgiving!image

imageSparks Nevada musical official t-shirt designed by Mike Holmes



TAH Original Graphic Novel cover art print

Next week, we are set to launch a Thrilling Adventure Hour category at WeLoveFine, offering t-shirts and posters featuring logos and characters popularized in the Los Angeles-based live show and Nerdist Network podcast. We at WeLoveFine are big fans of the show, and we know you are—or will be—too!

WeLoveFine’s first offerings for The Thrilling Adventure Hour – available online in time for holiday shopping – will include logo t-shirts (WorkJuice Comics Group!) and artwork taken from the critically acclaimed, Kickstarter-funded original graphic novel published by Archaia Entertainment. We will feature designs ranging from the gorgeous color poster art, to high-quality art prints of pages from the book including the funny interstitial advertisement pages. The category will continue to grow as well, incorporating more artwork from the graphic novel and original designs based on the indelible characters from the show, including Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars, Captain Laserbeam, Phillip Fathom: Deep Sea Detective, the high society, supernatural-thwarting Doyles of “Beyond Belief” and more!

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