Thrilling Adventure Hour

Thanks to everyone who made our concert film a reality by supporting our Kickstarter, our show, and us. We shot last night and hope to have your KS DVDs done early next year. (But, please keep in mind, that is only a guess and wish; we really don’t know).
Thanks to ALL of the WJ Players who performed last night, director Aaron Ginsburg, the Andy Paley Orchestra, the unbelievable choir who joined us, Cayenne Chris Conroy who made the SFX, Allan Amato, Liezl Estipona (whose photos are above), the production crew, director Neil Mahoney, and the guys from Type 55 Films. Thanks to Largo at the Coronet for letting us do it, and to our brilliant guest stars: Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Janet Varney, Garret Dillahunt, Mike Phirman, Scott Aukerman, Alan Tudyk, Clancy Brown, and Kumail Nanjiani!

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