Thrilling Adventure Hour
September 10th show

September 10th show

Sorry for the delay. Here are the cast and some photos from the most recent show.

Episode 7; September 10, 2010

Openers HoneyHoney performed original “Angel of Death” and a cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

opening ad:

Sweetie:    John DiMaggio
Dumpling:    Annie Savage

All narration: Hal Lublin


Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars: “Blast from the Past”

Sparks:                        Marc Evan Jackson
Croach the Tracker:    Mark Gagliardi
The Red Plains Rider: Annie Savage
Preacher:                     John DiMaggio
Prof Genius:                Samm Levine
Lycos Bill:                   Toby Huss
Comety Jane:              Kirsten Vangsness

Down in Moonshine Holler: “The Lottery”

Banjo Bindlestuff:    Craig Cackowski
Gummy:                   Hal Lublin
Mr Summers:           Nick Offerman
Lulu Pepper:            Lake Bell
O’Grady:                   John Ennis

Beyond Belief: “Wishing Hell”

Frank Doyle:                   Paul F. Tompkins
Sadie Doyle:                    Paget Brewster
Howie:                              Andy Daly
Young Howie:                  Tom Lenk
Peter Hendricks:              Yuri Lowenthal
Nightmares the Clown:    James Urbaniak

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