Thrilling Adventure Hour
Pod #58

Pod #58

Recorded August 6, 2011 at Largo, Los Angeles

Tales of the United Solar System Alliance,“T-Minus”

Captain Gene Peeples: James Urbaniak

Executive Officer Linda Bayley-Peeples: Shannon Woodward

Passed Midshipman Erica Peeples: Annie Savage

Ensign Bambrill: Colin Hanks

Techs & Specs Robot: Garret Dillahunt

“Gretchen,” the voice of the ship: Janet Varney



This was the first attempt to build the world of Sparks Nevada and it was fun to do. We’ve played a little with the United Solar System Alliance before – Sparks’s parents are honchos in it. But this is the first other ship we’ve seen.

Speaking of things we’ve seen, neither Blacker nor I have seen any Star Trek. We’ve seen the the JJ Abrams one, but it didn’t sink in.

But here we go doing our version of it. I like the implications we’ve built here about interpersonal relationships on starcrafts. There are clearly rules about fraternization and yet both the starcrafts we’ve seen have been helmed by married couples. In my mind, this speaks to how the USSA is run. We’ll come back to it in another episode, I’m sure.

We love casting James Urbaniak as a square-jawed hero. He’s really good at it and should get to play one IRL.

This was our first episode to feature Shannon Woodward and Garret Dillahunt, both of Raising Hope fame and both beloved by us preceding Raising Hope. Shannon was great on FX’s The Riches and is fun at parties. Garret was great as two characters on Deadwood, my favorite show of all time. I have not been to a party with him, but I’m sure he is fun at them. He is the kind of funny that seems mischievous.

Also Colin Hanks plays the spaz so well, he may well be our go-to spaz guy. Off stage, he is a hell of a raconteur; go listen to podcasts he’s been on. Try his episode of the Nerdist or the Kevin Pollak Chat Show for a start. Also Roswell is streaming on Netflix. Follow him on twitter too. To learn more about Colin Hanks, Google him.

What else do I like about this episode that I made? Annie Savage – great petulant teen – also great at singing the wordless theme at the beginning. It is similar to her tuneful wail in the Moonshine Holler theme. When she and band leader and composer Andy Paley get together for a euphonious howling, it is some of my favorite music in the show.

In this episode’s transition from stage show to podcast, we are gonna cheat and fill out some sound effects. That’s Barre Duryea coming through. He mixes the podcast for you and deserves credit sometimes. It wouldn’t sound good at all without his hard work. I am pretty sure that’s how he spells his name.

Enjoy the podcast, y’all! Please leave some comments – here and on iTunes.

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