Thrilling Adventure Hour
Pod #49

Pod #49

Recorded January 21, 2011 at Marine Memorial Theater as part of the San Francisco SketchFest.

Captain Laserbeam, “Poetic Injustice”

Captain Laserbeam: John DiMaggio

Dream Girl: Busy Philipps

Platonic Ideal: Danny Pudi

Adventurekateer Patrick: Craig Cackowski

Lady Haiku: Alison Brie

Old King Cool: James Urbaniak

Daddy O: Mark Gagliardi

Protege: Janet Varney

Heroic Narrator: Hal Lublin



The theme for Captain Laserbeam is one of my favorites. It’s the rock and rollest thing of which I’ve been a part. People who say “of which I’ve been a part” do not often get to write rock and roll type things. I even enjoy the original demo for the song which is just Andy Paley and Dave (Gruber) Allen acoustic, harmonizing, clapping percussion in Gruber’s kitchen, whistle-humming the lasers and ending with a Beatles-esque “oooooh.” Maybe we should include it. I leave that to someone else’s discretion.

The way I remember it, the name Adventurekateers came out of the songwriting. I think we had intended to give Captain Laserbeam some Baker Street Irregulars-style kid sidekicks as opposed to a Robin, but I don’t think we’d named them until we wrote the song and needed a rhyme for “conquering everybody’s fears.”

We initially wrote a super long intro to Captain Laserbeam. I still have it somewhere. I think I’ll post it here as the first ever podcast commentary track cut scene.
This chunk preceded the theme song:

Joshua Valor, industry tycoon and playboy millionaire philanthropist could stomach the rampant crime in his beloved Apex City no longer. Using moneys to pay for technologies just beyond the understandings of top scientific minds, he became Captain Laserbeam, guardian of the decent; Captain Laserbeam, champion of the masses
and the few; Captain Laserbeam, sworn protector of Apex City, and the worst nightmare of your worst nightmares. Evildoers, monsters, natural disasters: Beware!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can burn a hole through a mountain range… with his laserbeams!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can fly hundreds of feet into the air… with his laserpack!
Captain Laserbeam! Who can travels miles between ticks on a clock… due to advanced laserbeam-based technologies!

I don’t miss it from the show, but I am pleased by the name Joshua Valor as the secret identity of this kind of super hero.

As for this episode, I will tell you that all the featured haikus are true to the form. Go ahead and count the syllables if you like, but you do not have to. I am saving you the trouble.

I hope there’s a picture to accompany this that shows how adorable Alison Brie is dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. [There isn’t, unfortunately. We don’t have any photos from SF Sketchfest!—Blacker] I do not have to tell you how great she is because you know it already, but in case you just took a bowling ball to the head and have amnesia and have come to this site out of muscle memory (which is immune from amnesia), first of all, thank you for your patronage and secondly Ali Brie is completely amazing all of the time. I call her “Ali” instead of “Alison” because she has been in the show a lot and I am a Hollywood person.

Who else is great in this episode is Mark Gagliardi and James Urbaniak as “Daddy O” and “Old King Cool.” It is a giant regret that we have not brought those characters back.

One character we do bring back is the Adventurekateer Patrick. He’s fat. It was extremely fun to direct Craig Cackowski to sound as fat as Patrick. Behind Patrick’s back, people call him “Fatrick.

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