Thrilling Adventure Hour
October 2nd show

October 2nd show

Episode 8; 2 October 2010

 Guest-directed by Rian Johnson (Brick; The Brothers Bloom).


Opening ad:

Sally the teenager: Annie Savage

Sue the teenager: Autumn Reeser

All narration: Hal Lublin


Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars: “Inside Out in Outer Space”

Sparks Nevada: Marc Evan Jackson

Croach the Tracker: Mark Gagliardi

The Red Plains Rider: Busy Philipps

Preacher: Dave (Gruber) Allen

Lycos Bill: Toby Huss

Professor Genius: Danny Pudi


Patriot Brand Cigarettes ad:

Dashing Actor: David Fury

Glamorous Actress: Elin Hampton


Captain Laserbeam: “Poetic Injustice!”

Captain Laserbeam: John DiMaggio

Adventurekateer Patrick: Craig Cackowski

The Platonic Ideal: Justin Kirk

Dream Girl: Paget Brewster

Lady Haiku: Juliet Landau

Protege: Autumn Reeser

King Cool: James Urbaniak

Daddy-O: Dave (Gruber) Allen


Down In Moonshine Holler: The Cadillac of Beans

Banjo Bindlestuff: Craig Cackowski

Gummy: Hal Lublin

Romany Fairchild: Gillian Jacobs

Jonathan Fairchild: James Urbaniak

Mr. Moneymaven: Michael Hogan

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