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More portraits by Allan Amato

More portraits by Allan Amato

Taken at our 7th anniversary show, here is the remainder of the photos by Allan Amato.

                                                  Craig Cackowski

                                            Jamie Denbo

           Musician/engineer Barre Duryea and musician Mark Pender

                              Assistant Music Director Jonathan Dinerstein

                                    Musician Rebecca Ward

                                                  Willie Watson

                                              Sean Watkins

                                           Sara Watkins

                            Paul F. Tompkins as the King of Coffee

The original WorkJuice Players, been together since 2005: (L-R) Hal Lublin, Paget Brewster (since episode 1), Mark Gagliardi (since episode 1), Craig Cackowski, Ben Acker, Paul F. Tompkins (since episode 1), Ben Blacker, Annie Savage, Marc Evan Jackson (since episode 1), Aaron Ginsburg.

Fun facts!

  • Marc Evan Jackson has only missed two of over 100 episodes of the show.
  • Ben Acker is the only person to have attended every episode of the show. (Blacker missed one for a wedding or something otherwise dumb).
  • Hal Lublin and Annie Savage used to play characters called “Acker” & “Blacker” who would host the show.
  • Our very first guest star was Tom Wilson (Back to the Future‘s “Biff”) in episode six.
  • Missing from this photo is Dave (Gruber) Allen, also a founding WorkJuice Player who, though he’s moved from LA, is welcome to join us whenever he is in town.
  • Also missing from this photo are Andy Paley and Joel Spence. Andy has been making music and Joel has been making our sound effects since episode seven. Below, photos of Andy and Joel taken by Rex Bullington back in our M Bar days.

                                                 Andy Paley

                                               Joel Spence

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