Thrilling Adventure Hour
mattgourley: Backstage at the Thrilling Adventure shows in San…

mattgourley: Backstage at the Thrilling Adventure shows in San…


Backstage at the Thrilling Adventure shows in San Francisco this weekend, we were sitting around a table. Somehow it came up that everyone, in fact, ‘has a phone.’ Steve Agee and Paul F. Tompkins began to doo-wop the statement. There was a John Hodgman at the table too, and I believe a Mark McConville and a Jeremy Carter as well. There may have been more, I don’t know. The point is a little song came out of it and then not long after, this happened.

Happy #TAH11! Yes, errbody got phones. Especially backstage at our show.

Matt Gourley got phones.

Paul F. Tompkins got phones.

Mark McConville got phones.

Joshua Malina got two phones:

Aaron Ginsburg got phones and doesn’t want Marc Evan Jackson to got his phones.

Chris Hardwick got something funny on his phones!

Patrick Warburton got phones.

Craig Cackowski got phones and a mustache.

Rich Sommer caught on phones!

Jim O’Heir got phones-caught!

Tom Lenk! Phones!

Annie Savage is surprised she’s got phones.

Scott Aukerman got phones at Comic Con.

Nathan Fillion got phones.

Rich Sommer! Enough phones!

Know what the best use of phones backstage is? Capturing the fun, special moments.

Marc Evan Jackson and Jenny Wade:

Paul F. Tompkins used his phone to take a photo of Jenny Wade taking a photo of her and Paget Brewster:

Jenny’s phone-photo:

Adam Savage took a phone-photo with Timothy Omundson:

Paget (inspired by Paul) phone-photoed the ladies of #TAHDownUnder: Annie Savage, Molly Quinn, Becky Ward, Jenny Wade, Carla Cackowski, Juliana Hansen, and Janet Varney.

Paul really is the best when it comes to capturing those backstage moments. He’s truly got phones.

At SF Sketchfest in 2013 with Karen Gillan, Annie, Janie Haddad-Tompkins, Paget, and Melanie Lynskey.

At Town Hall in 2014 with Zachary Levi:

In Sydney with Ben Acker:

With the gentlemen of #TAHDownUnder: Hal Lublin, Craig, MEJ, Jonathan Dinerstein, and Mark Gagliardi.

Photos by Jonathan Reilly, Maarten DeBoer, Roman Cho, Rachael Porter, Hal Lublin, Paul F. Tompkins, Jenny Wade, and Liezl Estipona.

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