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Kickstarter rewards (graphic novel)

Kickstarter rewards (graphic novel)

Continuing to organize our Kickstarter rewards by category, a brief title/description and price, so you know where to search for rewards related to…


  • Digital Graphic Novel: $15
  • Hardcover & Digital copies: $25
  • Graphic Novel Plus (hardcover/digital + your name included): $50
  • Comics & Chords (book + music package): $55
  • Personalized doodles/sketches by Jackson Publick: $99
  • Personalized doodles/sketched by Ben Edlund: $99
  • Comic Artist Package (portfolio review by Archaia): $99
  • Original art (by Doc Shaner, Natalie Nourigat, or Jeff Stokely): $200
  • Collector’s Edition Package (signed book + other swag): $500

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