Thrilling Adventure Hour
Kickstarter, Closing the curtain, & more

Kickstarter, Closing the curtain, & more

It’s been a busy and emotional month
here at the WorkJuice Corp, between the monthly live shows coming to
a close and FINALLY mailing out the remaining Kickstarter rewards of
the concert film DVD and graphic novels. Many of you have questions,
and we’ll answer those below. But first:

We’re sorry. We’re sorry the
DVD’s and books took so long to get out, we’re sorry they’re not
exactly what was offered in via the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re
sorry we don’t have the time to respond to each of you directly,
though we would love to. We know you’ve been patient, and we know
you’re frustrated. So are we. The day-to-day writing and running of
the shows, our work in comics, not to mention our day job and the
creative aspects of fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign took our time
and focus and we recognize that we, Acker and Blacker, should have
communicated directly with you more often about the developments as
they occurred. We are sorry. We appreciate your support and your

Now, to your questions.

Q: Why did the concert film DVD’s
take so long?

A number of reasons, only a few of
which we can go into. First was scheduling. It took us nearly a year
after the Kickstarter campaign to schedule the concert film with the
cast and personnel. As you have seen, there are a LOT of people in
this film. We didn’t shoot it until October 2013. Then the film was
in editing, mostly, and some test-screenings, more editing, more
editing for 3-4 months.

Then came the disappointing business
aspect, which is what really delayed the film. Without going into too
many details, we were supposed to sign with a distribution company
that would 1. pay to finish the film (color correct, sound mix, etc),
and 2. manufacture the DVD’s. The contracts with this company, who
had never made a deal like this, fell apart after six months. So we
were then six months behind on post-production. This took us to about
October 2014, a year after the film had been shot.

The post-production took another 2-3
months, because it was spread among various entities (the only way we
could afford to do it, and per everyone’s schedules for music, ADR,
color, etc).

The DVD was actually manufactured
quickly, and we’d hoped to have it out by end of January. But there
was a flaw in one of the commentary tracks. We sent them all back,
and the manufacturer made the correction (at least, they did on our
test-copy). And while this put us behind another few weeks, we
thought we wound up with an unflawed copy. The test copy that we got
to make sure the rest of the copies are without error was without
error. But this is the copy that currently exists.

Q: What is this production flaw?

It’s not actually anything major. One
of the DVD commentaries is overlaid on another. We’ve had the DVD
manufacturer send us new, fixed versions, but if you’ve already
received the DVD, you can listen to the unflawed commentary here or

Q: Why did you use episodes you’ve
done before for the concert film?

We wanted to give you great
episodes! Fan favorite and some of our favorite pieces of the
show that had been tested and tried material for this, our first
visual exposure for many TAH fans. For those of you who know the
podcast episodes, we were confident you’d enjoy seeing the
physicality the actors bring to the parts, not to mention the
unbelievable job Andy Paley and his orchestra did on the music
(enhanced from the podcast version).

Q: Is the DVD I received exclusive
to Kickstarter backers?

Sort of? The DVD itself is currently
available at shows. We printed an extra 1000 for just this purpose.
We wanted to reward our loyal show-attendees, as well as defray some
of the costs from manufacturing and shipping. The bonus features on
the DVD include: the concert film episode of Captain Laserbeam (we
cut it because it made the film itself too long, but man it’s fun,
and John DiMaggio and Hal Lublin are brilliant as always), some
WorkJuice and Patriot Cigarettes ads (that were also cut for time), a
new edit of the documentary web-series (with additional footage), and
commentaries from us, Neil Mahoney (film director), and Aaron
Ginsburg (performance director); and commentaries from the WorkJuice

exclusive to Kickstarter backers. We’re really proud of that stuff. A
lot of it is a peek behind the curtain, including lost podcast
episodes, backstage videos, promotional videos, celebrity
testimonials, and even some VERY old video from our M Bar days. And
we’ll be adding some more stuff before the end of the year. We hope
you like it. You should have received a sticker on your shipped DVD
with a link and password for this content. If you didn’t, please
email us at

Q: Will the concert film be
available to non-KS backers?

Yes. For sure. But we don’t yet know
how. We’re working on a couple of ways to best do this, insuring you
get the highest quality video, but it’s going to take some time.
We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can via social
and our
mailing list

Q: Why isn’t my DVD signed?

The DVDs were finished at perhaps the
busiest time in TAH history. We are writing and producing over 300
pages per month between January and June 2015. (Which, don’t get us
wrong, is exciting, but it’s still a lot of work). When we saw that
the DVDs were shrink-wrapped, and that the cover didn’t take a
Sharpee, we realized that it would take about a week to get
everything unwrapped, opened, signed, closed, and packed (not to
mention the risk of scratching them), we put it to as many of you as
we could reach. We asked if you would mind if we didn’t sign the
DVDs. Overwhelmingly, your responses were polite and understanding
and said you didn’t mind if we didn’t sign the DVDs. We went with the
majority and shipped them still-sealed.

Q: Why isn’t my book signed? And why
did you wait to ship the book with the DVD?

There’s been some confusion about this,
mostly by us. You see, there were some internal changes at the
WorkJuice Corp since the Kickstarter campaign which led to us being
ill-informed (or just confused) about what was being done, what was
supposed to be done, and what was expected. But let us start at the

Production of our OGN happened while
Boom was buying up Archaia publishing. We’re pretty sure this is what
led to a very low print run for the first printing of the TAH OGN
(someone didn’t want to spend money on an “unproven” property).
They only produced about 5000 copies. We needed about 2000 for our KS
backers. We received maybe 800, which were shipped to those who
bought the OGN-only reward. We did sign and number as many as we
received. The rest went wherever Archaia/Boom thought they should
go—comic stores, Amazon, conventions, etc. At the time, we didn’t
know how small the print run was.

Had we known the DVD would take so long
to produce, we would have shipped the books separately. But, as we
said, while we were on track to have them done a year ago, they
weren’t actually done until about a month ago.

In any event, we didn’t have enough
books to fulfill KS OGN+DVD shipping at that time.

We spent the next year and a half
trying to amass books—which by this time went into a second
printing (again, a very small one for some reason)—through Archaia
who, because of changes within their own company, were difficult to
track down and speak to the right departments.

It’s all pretty convoluted and
uninteresting, but in the end, Archaia recalled books from wherever
they could so we could fulfill our KS orders. They came mostly from
warehouses (like Amazon’s) but, apparently, some came from retail
stores, as some of you found out when you discovered security
stickers in your books. (By the way, if you’d prefer a book without a
security sticker, go ahead and return the book you received and we’ll
send you a replacement).

Plus, everything had
taken so long and we were so eager to get the rewards out now that we
finally had them that we just didn’t remember the book signing  and
numbering aspect. It’s why we didn’t even ask about it in the “should
we sign the DVDs” email. We’d done it for the ones in that initial
reward and thought that we had fulfilled our obligation in that
regard. This reward tier involved signing DVD’s,  and we thought we
had checked with all of you on that. There are ultimately only two of
us and we are better at some things than others. Case in point: this
FAQ has taken a couple of weeks. We promise you that we are doing our
best and every disappointed fan is a blow to us. We truly appreciate
that your disappointment has been tempered with respect and
sensitivity. All this to say we’re terribly sorry to have
disappointed you at all.

Q: My book arrived damaged. Am I
stuck with it?

You definitely are not. USPS isn’t the
most reliably delicate shipper, but it’s all we’ve got. If your book
arrived damaged, please send a photo of the damaged book and your
mailing address to
We’ll send you a replacement book.

No need to return the damaged book.
Please donate it to a library or to a friend whom you think would
enjoy it.

Q: Why haven’t I received my
book/DVD yet?

There are a couple of possible reasons.
One, you may live outside of the US. Those tend to take longer to
arrive. Two, we may have had the incorrect address for you.

In either case, if you have not
received your OGN and/or DVD by April 15, please email us at
and let us know your name and shipping address. We’ll look into it,
and re-ship as needed.

Q: Why haven’t I received my [other]

We’re not sure. There were definitely
some rewards that fell through the cracks (we’re discovering) when we
thought they were being handled. There are also some digital rewards
that may not have been claimed because of incorrect email addresses
or spam folders and the like.

Again, we’re sorry, and we should’ve
taken more hands-on responsibility. If you’re still missing a KS
reward, please email us at
and let us know your name and what reward is missing.

Q: Where’s the “friend of the TAH
family” section of the website that was mentioned in the KS

When we re-designed our website last
year, it disappeared. We’ll try to get it back up ASAP. So sorry.

Q: Is the show really ending?

Yes. The monthly, live Thrilling
Adventure Hour
as we know it ends its run on April 11, 2014.
There are no more tickets available.

Q: Will there be more shows?

Well, we’re taking some cast to Chicago
at the end of April to do some shows, panels, and appearances at

We’re bringing Marc Evan Jackson, Mark
Gagliardi, Hal Lublin, and Craig Cackowski, along with guests Timothy
Omundson, John Ross Bowie, Shannon Woodward, and Scott Adsit to do a
TAH Improv Experience on Friday 4/24 (you MUST see
this; it’s just the most fun) and for POW! The Sparks Nevada Comic
Book Adaptation
on Sat, 4/25. You can get tickets for both
here: You can learn more here:

We’re also going to Australia and New
Zealand in May with all of the WJ Players and special guests,
including Molly Quinn and Jenny Wade, and those will be the final
“proper” TAH shows. Info about #TAHDownUnder here:

After that? Who knows. We love working
with all of these collaborators, so it’d be surprising if we simply
stopped everything forever.

Q: Why is the monthly show ending?

A number of reasons, a few of which we
can go into. The biggest of which is that we’ve been writing 75 new
pages if material per month for ten years. We need a break. As much
as we love writing TAH, we need to write other things in other media.
(Or, as it happens, some
of the same things
in other media). And with a monthly schedule
that includes producing, casting, and more, we just don’t have time
to do those things. Also, there’s that day job that we mentioned,
which has us writing an additional 50+ pages per month.

We also feel like it’s time for TAH to
evolve. As much as we love doing the stage show, Largo is never going
to be bigger than 260 seats. We want to bring the worlds that both we
and you love, and their actors, into other media. We’re still working
hard on getting a Beyond Belief TV pilot off the ground, and
we’re working on a way to bring Sparks Nevada to screens as well. We
promise to update you when we have more information.

It’s not been an easy decision for us,
as I’m sure you gleaned from our recent podcast (episode 200:
But you all, along with the WorkJuice Players and our friends, have
been overwhelmingly supportive, and we can’t thank you enough.

Here’s a really nice summary from a
recent panel co-creator Ben Blacker, WJ Players Busy Philipps and
Janet Varney, and our frequent guest and pal Colin Hanks did that
does a good job expressing our own feelings about the end of the live

Q: What will happen to the podcast?

Assuming we don’t run into audio
mishaps, the podcast episodes will run out around August. As of now,
it is our plan to keep the podcast episodes available via iTunes and for some time. We know that new fans are finding TAH all
the time, and we want to make sure they’re given the opportunity to
start at the beginning.

That is not to say they’ll stay up
forever. We’re working on some new ventures that may necessitate the
removal of some of those podcasts. But we’ll give you plenty of
notice via social
and our
mailing list
if that’s going to happen.

Q: What are you doing with those
comic book adaptations of Sparks and Beyond Belief?

We’re not sure yet. We’ll make sure you
can get them, though, and we’ll let you know (again) via social
and our
mailing list

Q: What’s going to happen to Hal
Lublin now that the show is ending?

Honestly, it’s Hal we worry about the
most. If you think you’d make a good owner for Hal—he has a very
unusual diet and has severe separation anxiety—please let us know
via social media.

Q: Why isn’t TAH coming to my town?

We wish we could! TAH is a monstrous
show to tour. There are over a dozen regular players and musicians.
This gets very expensive. We’re able to go to Chicago and New Zealand
because we’re getting support from conventions and/or producers. New
York is a bit easier because we know we have a large audience there,
and Bell House is a now-familiar venue where the show is well treated
and executed. We also have access to wonderful friends to be in our
NY shows. Anywhere outside of NY and LA, however, becomes very, very

That said, Acker & Blacker, as well
as some WJ Players, will be making appearances at various cons and
events during 2015 and beyond. We hope you’ll come and see us and
continue to support us at these events.

Q: Can I get tickets for any of the
remaining shows?

If you live in Chicago, you can get
tickets for any of the Chicago

If you’re in Sydney, Auckland, or
Wellington, tickets are still available for our final shows:

If you’re in LA, there are no tickets
available for any of the remaining Largo shows, we’re sorry to say.
We wish we could accommodate everyone who’s been so supportive and
kind to us over the years or even those who are just discovering the
show, but Largo is a pretty small venue. It’s part of its charm. If
any tickets DO become available (which is a longshot), we’ll be sure
to tell you about them via social
and our
mailing list

Q: Where do I send gifts for the

While we would prefer that you support
us by helping us to promote the show to your friends, watching or
listening to other stuff that we and the cast do, or buying
some official merch
, if you are absolutely compelled to send a
gift to the cast, you can ship to

WorkJuice Corp

137 N Larchmont Blvd #803

Los Angeles, CA  90004

Q: Will there be an opportunity to
meet the cast at any upcoming shows?

We’re not sure. Certainly there will be
appearances/signings at C2E2. VIP tickets in Sydney/NZ include a
meet-and-greet with the cast. Other than that, we just have to play
it by ear. Watch social
and our
mailing list
for updates.

Q: Is there an on-line fandom for

Is there ever! Our fans, the
Adventurekateers, are some of the kindest, most enthusiastic, most
creative people we’ve had the pleasure to meet both on and off-line.
We love seeing you all interact on Twitter and via your individual
tumblrs and elsewhere. A couple of good places to start finding other
TAH fans is at,
a fan-run tumblr that we adore.

You should also check out the fan-wiki:
We check it all the time when we’re writing the show. It’s funny and

And also check out The
Podcast Recap Podcast
, which recaps episodes of TAH and Welcome
to Night Vale. It’s completely charming.

Q: I really like TAH. What am I
supposed to listen to/watch/read when the podcasts run out?

Well, for starters, that likely won’t
be until August, at which time there will be well over 200 podcasts
that you can RE-listen to.

But if that doesn’t scratch your itch,
here are some podcasts that we enjoy and that have even proven
influential to TAH in our decade of existence: Superego,
Comedy Bang Bang, Wits
(to which Ben Acker is a frequent contributor), U
Two Talkin’ U2 2 Me Too? Yes.
(co-hosted by our own master
curtaineer, Todd Cooper), Mortified,
Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project podcast
, boss Hardwick’s flagship
, Sex
Nerd Sandra
, My
Brother, My Brother and Me
, we hear some of you like Welcome to
Night Vale
… oh man, we could go on. Ask us individually on Twitter,
and we’ll give you even more!

And of course the WJ Players and other
involved in the show have lots of their own material out there as
well. Here’s a small sampling:

Ben Blacker hosts the Nerdist
Writers Panel
, a weekly interview podcast about the business and
process of writing for TV, comics, and other media.

Paul F. Tompkins, besides
appearing on hundreds of podcasts everywhere, has lots of episodes of
his own Pod
F. Tompkast
and The
Dead Authors Podcast
available. Janet Varney hosts The
JV Club
. Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi have a new podcast
called We
Got This

More media? Okay.

Autumn Reeser is a co-founder of, a
magazine that offers food for thought and life guidance about the
worlds of travel, technology, entertaining and fashion; they examine
issues affecting women in the workplace, and profile the creative
women that inspire us.

Paul F. Tompkins can be seen as
well as heard on his Fusion show, No You Shut Up! He can also
be heard as Mr. Peanutbutter on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.
He’s also frequently on IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang.

Paget Brewster can be seen right
now on season 6 of Community on Yahoo.

Busy Philipps can still be seen
on TBS on Cougar Town, currently ending its run.

Joshua Malina assures us he is
the president or something on ABC’s Scandal. Watch Sports
and the West Wing if you wanna see some hardcore

Marc Evan Jackson is all over
your TV these days with recurring roles on Brooklyn 99 and
IFC’s upcoming The Spoils Before Dying, and more, as
well as appearing in the film Tenured, showing at the TriBeCa Film

Craig Cackowski appears in
nearly every segment of Comedy Central’s Drunk History in
various wigs. He’s also in season 6 of Community.

And that’s just a taste. The WorkJuice
Players and our friends and collaborators are everywhere. We’re
always excited when the nice, talented folks we know pop up on our
screens or in our ears. Follow them all on Twitter and tell them how
much you love it too.

Q: What if I have more questions?

We’re glad to answer them! You can
always email us at
If we get a lot of the same questions, we’ll post more here. At the
very least, we’ll reply to your email quickly.

Until next time, we thank you again for
your enthusiasm and support not just now in this emotional and
incredibly busy time, but over the past decade of thrilling
adventures. We’re flattered and consider ourselves lucky to have such a
kind, generous, creative, lovely audience. We’re sorry for the strife
we’ve caused, and we’ll seek to do better by you in the future.

Thanks as ever for listening,
attending, for your patience and enthusiasm.

The best is yet to come.

Acker & Blacker

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