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Happy Monday! No new podcast today, but instead we have this special treat for you.

Back in January, Acker & Blacker received an email from WJ Player Paul F. Tompkins with this link and the suggested that we put music to these lyrics and perform the song next time we bring the show to the Bell House in Brooklyn.

Paul recorded a loose demo for us, which we then handed over (with the lyrics) to our pals Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton, who would be performing in our Brooklyn show on May 10. Paul & Storm and Jonathan worked up a new arrangement of the song (since among all of us, we could never turn up the original tune, just the lyrics), and it knocked us out. And then it knocked us flat when Andy Paley got his band behind it.

Paul, Storm, Jonathan, PFT, the Andy Paley Orchestra, and all of the WorkJuice Players performed the song to open our Brooklyn shows, and it was an absolute blast. We love playing at the Bell House and can’t wait to return.*

*Look for an announcement about that soon!

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