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fyeahthrillingadventurehour: 30 Days of TAH, day 30 – Your…

fyeahthrillingadventurehour: 30 Days of TAH, day 30 – Your…


30 Days of TAH, day 30 – Your Favorite Moment(s)

This is it, the final day of the 30 Days of TAH.  You did it.  You made it.  Congratulations!

Today’s question was submitted by goggles-girl, and it seems like the perfect way to wrap up the month.

TAH means a lot to all of us, so today, let’s talk about the reasons why, and about those moments of being a fan that have stood out to you the most.

It’s okay to retread ground you’ve talked about before today, if your favorite moment say, was something that happened at a live show that you already talked about on day 6, that’s great, maybe go into a little more detail about a specific moment.  Maybe it was something you heard in the podcast that’s just your favorite thing.  Maybe it was meeting someone through the podcast, or sharing it with someone?  That time someone from WorkJuice tweeted you?  

Or maybe you just want to talk about why you love the show so much. (Or both.  Both is good.)

It’s the last day, say whatever you want to say. And thank you all again for participating, it’s been an amazing month! 🙂

The marvelous ivory-spirals made our fantastic artwork today.  Thank you so much!

Also, it’s now time to submit your entries for the contest portion of the 30 Days if you haven’t done so yet!  Please see this post for more information on how to submit!  You must follow these steps to be considered for the contest portion!  Be sure you do so before midnight Pacific time on October 2nd!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this #30DatysOfTAH. We loved reading your responses every day. And EXTRA BONUS thanks to you Adventurekateers who planned it all. We’re flattered and overwhelmed with human emotions. *clink!* *POW!*

Source: Workjuice

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