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DonorsChoose helps teachers in Sparks, Nevada. You can too.

DonorsChoose helps teachers in Sparks, Nevada. You can too.

Like you, we are horrified and saddened by the recent shooting in Sparks, Nevada. That town, of course, holds a special place in our hearts, being the inspiration for the name of our space-western hero. This tragedy, like any perpetrated at a school and against children, leaves us outraged, gutted, and confused.

We take some small solace in knowing that there are ways to help the communities effected by violence. is a brilliant organization that allows you to put necessary supplies directly into the hands of teachers who need them the most. Below is a link to the projects posted by teachers from Sparks, Nevada over the past year.

Teachers who post projects on the DonorsChoose website are passionate about education and care deeply about their students. You can help them bring books, computers, iPads, calculators, even a community carpet to elementary and middle schools in Sparks.

DonorsChoose employs a unique model whereby teachers’ projects are crowd-funded. Students then write individual thank-you notes which are sent to you via DonorsChoose. The organization is nationwide. If all of the projects in Sparks are fulfilled, look up your hometown or a city that you love.

Here’s the link to the Sparks, Nevada DonorsChoose projects:

We’ve made education a priority in our giving over the years, and we hope you’ll do the same. It’s the right of every child to have a safe, forward-thinking, and well-supplied place to learn. Giving to teachers through DonorsChoose, or to programs such as BookEnds and 826LA, are small steps we can take to help make schools—and lives—better for our children.

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